Date Posted: 25 Feb 2018

The 2018 Season Team Lists have been published. 

Most of the teams have been published, but will be added to over the coming week.

Please note:

  1. Teams are not in graded order. For example, U10/3 might end up graded as 10A. The Association decides the team grade based on a number of parameters, from players and previous years.
  2. Teams/Players can be changed/moved around provided there are teams that need players or we made a mistake. DO NOT request a team change because you dont like some of the parents in a team. The change will not happen. Remember, this is for your children, not the parents.
  3. Please make sure you check your teams carefully and help us out if we have got some wish lists wrong.
  4. Remember that we get a lot of players who want to play together, but sometimes there are too many for one team.
  5. Anyone that would like to be Coach/Manager for a team, make sure you apply online as per this article.

We are only human and volunteers, so yes, there will be mistakes, but please just send a "friendly" email to our registrar and we will sort out any issues.

Team Lists are found under INFORMATION, TEAMS menu item or the quick link HERE.

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