Date Posted: 23 Feb 2019

The 2019 U6-U11 Season Team Lists have been published. 

Competition teams will be published shortly.

Please note:

  1. Teams are not in graded order. For example, U10/3 might end up graded as 10A. The Association decides the final team grade, whether they accept the Clubs grading or by a number of parameters, from players and previous years.
  2. Teams/Players can be changed/moved around provided there are teams that need players or we made a mistake.
  3. Please make sure you check your teams carefully and help us out if we have got some wish lists wrong.
  4. Anyone that would like to be Coach/Manager for a team, make sure you apply online as per this article.

Whilst all care has been taken to accommodate team/grading requests, it is not always possible to effect due to player numbers and potentially conflicting wish lists. Should you have a serious/grave concern regarding the placement of your son/daughter, your enquiry should be directed to the Grading Chairman

We are only human and volunteers, so yes, there will be mistakes and we will try our best to sort out any issues.

Team Lists are found under INFORMATION, TEAMS menu item or the quick link HERE.

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