Wet Weather

Weekdays (9am-3pm) contact Council wet weather line 9710-0105. Updated at 10am daily

This Council Wet Weather information is only updated once a day at 10am. Due to weather changes throughout the day, the Club has the right to close the ground for training and all other activities. You must abide by the Cronulla Seagulls Website Ground Status, even if the Council Wet Weather states grounds are open. If the Status says CLOSED then the lights will be turned off and you are not allowed to be on the oval. This is only for Woolooware Oval. Those that train at 5Sports are not affected by Wet Weather and your training will be on.

The Seagulls Website Status can be changed up to 4pm, so it is imperative that all Coaches and Managers watch the website if there is doubt training would be allowed or not.

Weekends / Matchdays

Managers and coaches will be advised, As soon as official information is available!

They will contact teams with the correct details!

  1. Managers/coaches, please have your phone number contactable!!
    (Problems: mobiles, answering machines, children answering the phone!)
  2. Please don't ring the canteen, as updated information needs to be passed on Urgently!
  3. Don't assume "it’s off"!
    Games may be played even if it is raining, as long as the field is deemed playable. Not all fields at all grounds are called out!!
  4. If in doubt - be there!!!
    To avoid a forfeit situation (fines apply!)