Training Slot Allocations

Training Slot Allocations can only be requested through the "Request a Training Slot" form under Contact Us

Team Day Time Location Comments
AL1 No Request No Request
AL3 Thursday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
AL4/1 Thursday 7:30+ Woolooware
AL4/2 Thursday 7:30+ Woolooware
AL6 Wednesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
AL8/1 Wednesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
AL8/2 No Request No Request
AL12 Tuesday 7:30+ Woolooware
O35A Thursday 8pm-10pm 5Sports
O35F Wednesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
O45A No Request No Request
O45D Thursday 7:30pm+ Tonkin
U6A Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6B/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U6B/2 Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6C Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6E Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6F Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6H Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6I Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6J/1 Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U6J/2 Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U7A Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7B/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7B/2 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7C/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7C/2 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7C/3 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7D/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7D/2 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7D/3 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7D/4 No Request No Request
U7E Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7G/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U7G/2 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U8A/1 Wednesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U8A/2 Wednesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U8C Tuesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U8D Wednesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U8F Monday 5-6pm Woolooware
U8G Tuesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U8H Tuesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U8I Tuesday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
U9B Wednesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U9D/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
U9D/2 Wednesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U9E/1 Wednesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U9E/2 Monday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
U10A Tuesday 5-6pm Woolooware
U10B No Request No Request
U10E Tuesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U10F Thursday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
U11A Tuesday 6-7:30pm Tonkin
U11B Thursday 5pm-6pm 5Sports
U11C Friday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U11D/1 Thursday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U11D/2 Thursday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U11E Friday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
U12A Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Tonkin
U12B Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U12C Thursday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U12E Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U13A Tuesday 5-6pm Tonkin
U13B/1 Tuesday 5-6pm Tonkin
U13B/2 Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U13C Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U13D/1 Wednesday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
U13D/2 Thursday 5-6pm Woolooware
U14A Thursday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U14C Thursday 6-7:30pm Woolooware
U14D Thursday 6-7:30pm Woolooware
U15B Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Tonkin
U16B Thursday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U16C Monday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
U18A Thursday 6-7pm 5Sports
U18C No Request No Request
U18E/1 Tuesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
U18E/2 Wednesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
U21A No Request No Request
U21C/1 Tuesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
U21C/2 Thursday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
U21E Tuesday 7:30pm+ Tonkin
U21F/1 Tuesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
U21F/2 Thursday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
W6? Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
W6A/1 Thursday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
W6A/2 Monday 4pm-5pm Woolooware
W6B Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W6C Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W7A No Request No Request
W7B/1 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W7B/2 Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W7C Monday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W8B Thursday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
W8C/1 Wednesday 4pm-5pm Tonkin
W8C/2 Wednesday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
W9A Tuesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W9C/1 Friday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W9C/2 Thursday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W9D/1 Thursday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W9D/2 Thursday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W10A Thursday 5pm-6pm 5Sports
W10B Tuesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W10D/1 Wednesday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W10D/2 Thursday 4pm-5pm Tonkin
W11B Thursday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
W11C/1 Wednesday 5-6pm Woolooware
W11C/2 Friday 5pm-6pm Woolooware
W12A Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Tonkin
W12B Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
W14A No Request No Request
W14C/1 Thursday 6pm-7:30pm Tonkin
W14C/2 Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
W14D/1 Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Woolooware
W14D/2 Thursday 5pm-6pm Tonkin
W16B Thursday 6pm-7:30pm Tonkin
W16C/1 No Request No Request
W16C/2 Wednesday 6-7:30pm Woolooware
W18A Thursday 6pm-7:30pm 5Sports
W18B/1 Tuesday 7:30pm+ Tonkin
W18B/2 Thursday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
W18C Wednesday 7:30pm+ Tonkin
W21A/1 No Request No Request
W21A/2 Wednesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
W21B/1 Wednesday 7:30pm+ Tonkin
W21B/2 Tuesday 7:30pm+ Woolooware
WSC Wednesday 7:30+ Tonkin
WSF Wednesday 7:30+ Woolooware
WSG Wednesday 7:30pm+ Tonkin