Team List - WS

For any team/grading enquiries regarding these teams, please email the Grading Chairman

Please note NOT all team changes have been made on the website as yet. PLEASE be patient and team lists will be updated asap (we have over 1400 players and getting these players registrations finalised is a priority ahead of updating team lists).

Kristen Arthur
Rhyanna Brown
Allie Downie
Sammy-jo Fowler
Britney Greatrex
Rebecca Greatrex
Lauren Harding
Dana Marcos
Erin McGrath
Elizabeth Milross
Meg Milross
Taylor Moore
Emma O'Rourke
Sarah Parkin
Beth Robinson
Alexandra Stokes-Hughes
Loren Sutherland

Cassie Buchan
Elizabeth Cruickshank
Melanie Gardner
Taylah Glennan
Kaitlyn Heagney
Samantha Heagney
Lisanne Hyland
Caitlyn Kerr
Shayne Laffan
Jasmin Mildren
Sarah Northup
Jamie-Lee O'Connor
Aimee O'Neill
Morgan Pinhorn
Estelle Psarras
Jazmin Tiller
Danielle Walker
Emma Whitefield

Kate Anderson
Mikaela Cheetham-Smith
Brittany Dutton
Morgan Hills
Thai-Brittany Latham
Katrina Mae
Kasey Manu
Karen Mountford
Carolyn Pieri
Brittany Ritchie
Jennifer Ritchie
Chenea Roles
Shaye Webster