Team List - O35

For any team/grading enquiries regarding these teams, please email the Grading Chairman

Please note NOT all team changes have been made on the website as yet. PLEASE be patient and team lists will be updated asap (we have over 1500 players and getting these players registrations finalised is a priority ahead of updating team lists).

Jamal Boutkabout
Jason Bowler
Trevor Brownsdon
Ben Condon
Shane Dunn
Chris Gorman
Ben Kasznik
Matthew Lumb
Grant Mcdonald
James Mcmurray
Peter Oliver
Matthew Orr
Keegan Pillay
Kevin Pillay
Jeff Podesta
David Reid
Benjamin Short
Darren Smith
Adam Toffolo
Fouad Umlil
Jayson Wright

Russell Baird
Nathan Bennetts
Martin Bonnici
Sait Buzgan
Stuart Clark
Ying Cui
Kenny Dai
Troy Dalton
Michael Dutton
Wesley Jones
Michael Kelly
Christopher Libro
Stephen Milne
Craig Pickford
Daniel Pratt
Roberto Pupke
Matthew Quinn
Philip Savides
Jeff Senior
Chris Smulders
Kelvin Solari
Shane Stalker
Peter Welden
Grant Wilkinson