Team List - U13's

For any team/grading enquiries regarding these teams, please email the Grading Chairman

Please note NOT all team changes have been made on the website as yet. PLEASE be patient and team lists will be updated asap (we have over 1500 players and getting these players registrations finalised is a priority ahead of updating team lists).

Stephen Agostino
Lachlan Clark
Lachlan Clifton
Isaac Danby
Noah Gidney
Cruze Hickey
Ty Jennings
Dimtri Koutantos
Harry Macartney
Cameron Mackenzie
Harry Mcquaid
jack Moreira
Jacob Palmer
Jaydon Toms
Coby Ward
Shannon Ward

Joel Bates
Dylan Bedwell
Oscar Copeland
Taj Drummond
Jack Gardiner
Phillip Georgakis
George Georges
Andrew Georgiou
Callum Grant
Riley King
Rik O'Leary
Thomas Richardson
Brooklyn Rushton
Joshua Singleton
Oscar Tarabori
Jack Traina

Jack Adams
Zack Best
James Bristow
Brodie Cook
Max Harrington
Levi Jensen
Kaelan Latham
Dylan O'brien
Lachlan Pearce
Noah Price
Aiden Savellis
Joshua Smith
Fletcher Steege
Lang Thompson
Tyler Vandenberg
Elias Woolley