Ground Control: Responsibilities And Duties

To avoid any confusion, lack of communication or crossed wires regarding Ground Control requirements, we have outlined below the duties entailed, as explicitly as possible. (This information is also contained in the Managers’ books) Junior teams will be rostered on no more than 2 times in the season. If your Manager prepares a team roster, no one should be committed for more than an hour or so!

Saturday Duty

Saturday will see 2 teams rostered on for the AM duty. This requires AT LEAST 4 people from EACH team to assist with the following duties: (bearing in mind that “in the old days” teams had to mark out ALL the fields as well! - requiring a 6AM start!)

Sunday Duty

On Sunday the same basic duties are required, except of course for the Roo Ball.

Goal Posts

As emphasised at the Manager and Coaches Nights, NO ONE is to attempt to move the posts. Provision is made for Duty Teams/Committee to move goals if and when required.


Registration Fees have a Canteen Levy incorporated in it which enables the Club to pay a Canteen Controller each week, allowing Mothers/Wives/Girlfriends to enjoy the Soccer! So this has been taken off the list of the Duty requirements (nothing stopping them from helping with the other duties! This is an equal opportunity Club!)

AM duty

  1. Arrive 7.00am (that 8.00am kick off time will soon be upon you!). EACH team is rostered on for 2 hours to cover the AM time slots - one team as “Early” (8am - 10am) and one team as “Late”(10am-12noon). Please ensure that enough helpers are there for the ENTIRE session! (8.00 to 12 noon)
  2. Position the 8 Roo Ball goals and secure with pegs.
  3. Position ‘witches hats’ between the two Roo Ball quarter fields (6s & 7s)
  4. Run the barrier ropes around the fields
  5. Place the corner and halfway flags into position
  6. Insert new goalposts into sleeves and attach nets. Attach “crash pads” to Field 1 posts.
  7. Position garbage bins around grounds All this should only take an hour if sufficient helpers are there.

Continuous Duties

  1. At least two Duty Persons (one per field) plus the Duty Officer of the day are required to wear orange jackets AT ALL TIMES. This is to be seen by the Referees, and spectators should assistance be required. These Duty Persons are to ensure the games are started on time, as well as making sure Match Sheets are filled in correctly.
  2. Duty teams must be prepared to referee in the event of an Official Referee not being allocated.
  3. Alter field sizes as older age groups require them.
  4. Remove Roo Ball goals and lock away when older teams take over.
  5. Change fields to 8 year old configuration then “Early” team hands over to “Late” Team.

PM Duty

  1. The PM TEAM takes over at 12 Noon and goes through to 5pm.
  2. Orange Duty Jackets are still to be worn AT ALL TIMES - one per field, plus the Duty Officer of the day.
  3. After the last game, take down flags, ropes, nets, remove goalposts and lock down sleeves.
  4. Make sure all bins are emptied into council bins and these all put out for collection.

Grading Policies

Click HERE for Grading policies