Injuries - What do I do/How to claim

A Player has been injured – What do I do?

1) GROUND CONTROL/COACH/MANAGER: If the injury is serious enough, an Ambulance needs to be organised. The game will not proceed whilst a player is seriously injured.

2) COACH/MANAGER - For All Injuries, however minor, the coach/manager MUST fill in an Injury Report form at the ground of the injury, at the time of the injury. These forms should be located at ALL Ground Control Locations. Leave this form with ground Control.

Football NSW Player Insurance

Player insurance is provided through FFA Insurance Program (Gow-Gates Insurance).

To complete a claim form:

• The player needs to organise an Insurance Claim though the FNSW Insurance Claim portal at Football NSW Player Insurance
• The player is to fully complete all sections of the claim form. In addition, the following people will need to complete their relevant sections:
    - The Physician’s Statement, will need to be completed by the main doctor, surgeon or dentist.
    - If the player is claiming for loss of income, then the players employer MUST complete the Employer’s Statement.
    - The club Secretary will need to complete and sign the Club Report section.
• The player is then responsible to upload the signed form and relevant documents.

From this point on, the player will have to deal directly with the insurance company.

Please note that the claim form can be started online prior to any medical appointments/bills have been received. It is best to get the insurance claim started

Insurance Claims can only be claimed for the year in which the injury took place and all claims must be at least started online before the 1st November for that year, otherwise claims will not be processed.