Draw - Round 6

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Colour Key:

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Sutherland Association Fixtures
Date Grade Rnd Home Team Away Team Venue Time
5-Sep-202006A6Gymea United 2Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 19:40 AM
5-Sep-202006B6Barden Ridgebacks Cronulla Seagulls The Ridge Mini 58:30 AM
5-Sep-202006C6Gymea United 1Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 18:50 AM
5-Sep-202006D6Menai Hawks Cronulla Seagulls Buckle Reserve 18:00 AM
5-Sep-202006G6Lilli Pilli 3Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli8:00 AM
5-Sep-202006H6Kirrawee Cronulla Seagulls Kareela 58:00 AM
5-Sep-202007B6Caringbah Redbacks Cronulla Seagulls Solander 410:30 AM
5-Sep-202007C6North Sutherland Cronulla Seagulls Sutherland 3 Mini10:40 AM
5-Sep-202007E6Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls Box Road 28:50 AM
5-Sep-202007G6Cronulla Seagulls Menai Hawks 2Woolooware 18:50 AM
5-Sep-202007H6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli Woolooware 18:00 AM
5-Sep-202007I6Cronulla Seagulls Cronulla RSL Woolooware 18:00 AM
5-Sep-202008A6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli Woolooware 28:00 AM
5-Sep-202008C6Lilli Pilli 2Cronulla Seagulls Jenola Oval8:00 AM
5-Sep-202008D6Cronulla Seagulls 1Gymea United Woolooware 28:00 AM
5-Sep-202008D6Cronulla Seagulls 2Caringbah Redbacks Woolooware 28:00 AM
5-Sep-202008F6Engadine Eagles 2Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 38:00 AM
5-Sep-202008H6Gymea United 1Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 28:00 AM
5-Sep-202009A6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli Woolooware 210:30 AM
5-Sep-202009C6Cronulla Seagulls 2Lilli Pilli Woolooware 29:40 AM
5-Sep-202009C6Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla Seagulls 3Woolooware 210:30 AM
5-Sep-202009D6Cronulla Seagulls 1Miranda Magpies Woolooware 29:40 AM
5-Sep-202009D6Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls 2Gymea Bay 210:30 AM
5-Sep-202009F6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 3Woolooware 29:40 AM
5-Sep-202009H6Cronulla Seagulls 2Georges River Woolooware 28:00 AM
5-Sep-202009H6Cronulla Seagulls 1Engadine Eagles 2Woolooware 28:50 AM
5-Sep-202010A6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli Woolooware 212:20 PM
5-Sep-202010B6Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 212:10 PM
5-Sep-202010C6Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla Seagulls 2Woolooware 211:20 AM
5-Sep-202010E6Cronulla Seagulls Georges River Woolooware 211:20 AM
5-Sep-202011A6Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United Woolooware 23:20 PM
5-Sep-202011B6Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay Mini 11:20 PM
5-Sep-202011C6Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 23:10 PM
5-Sep-202011D6Caringbah Redbacks Cronulla Seagulls Solander 38:30 AM
5-Sep-202012A6Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United 5 Sports Caringbah8:00 AM
5-Sep-202012C6Cronulla Seagulls 2Menai Hawks Tonkin Oval8:30 AM
5-Sep-202012C6Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls 1Anzac 210:00 AM
5-Sep-202012E6Gymea United 2Cronulla Seagulls Kareela 28:00 AM
5-Sep-202013A6Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls 2Kareela 29:00 AM
5-Sep-202013A6Lilli Pilli Cronulla Seagulls 1Wwh School 11:10 PM
5-Sep-202013C6Cronulla Seagulls St. Patricks Woolooware 112:30 PM
5-Sep-202013E6Menai Hawks Cronulla Seagulls Buckle Reserve 111:20 AM
5-Sep-202014A6Miranda Magpies Cronulla Seagulls Seymour Shaw 210:40 AM
5-Sep-202014C6Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 21:20 PM
5-Sep-202014D6Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls Box Road 112:20 PM
5-Sep-202015A6Como Jannali 2Cronulla Seagulls Jannali 110:30 AM
5-Sep-202015B6Grays Point Cronulla Seagulls Grays Point 112:10 PM
5-Sep-202015C6Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla Seagulls 25 Sports Caringbah10:00 AM
5-Sep-202015C6Cronulla Seagulls 3Gymea United Tonkin Oval11:50 AM
5-Sep-202016A6Bangor 1Cronulla Seagulls The Ridge 110:10 AM
5-Sep-202016B6Cronulla Seagulls Sylvania Heights 1Woolooware 11:40 PM
5-Sep-202016D6Cronulla Seagulls Bosco 5 Sports Caringbah12:40 PM
5-Sep-202018B6Lilli Pilli Cronulla Seagulls Greenhills 12:20 PM
5-Sep-202018C6Georges River Cronulla Seagulls The Ridge 911:30 AM
5-Sep-202018D6Cronulla Seagulls Bosco Woolooware 13:00 PM
5-Sep-202021C6Cronulla Seagulls Bonnet Bay 5 Sports Caringbah3:20 PM
5-Sep-202021D6Kirrawee Cronulla Seagulls 2Kareela 41:00 PM
5-Sep-202021D6St. Patricks Cronulla Seagulls 1Waratah Park 32:20 PM
5-Sep-202021E6Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls The Ridge 51:10 PM
5-Sep-202021X6Lilli Pilli 1Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli2:40 PM
29-Aug-2020AL026Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls 2Solander 32:40 PM
29-Aug-2020AL076Cronulla Seagulls 2Como Jannali Buckle Reserve 12:00 PM
4-Sep-2020AL086Gymea United 2Cronulla Seagulls 2Greenhills 18:15 PM
5-Sep-2020W06B6Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla Seagulls 3Woolooware 18:00 AM
5-Sep-2020W06B6Lilli Pilli 3Cronulla Seagulls 2Lilli Pilli9:40 AM
5-Sep-2020W06C6Bangor 2Cronulla Seagulls Billa Road 18:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W06D6Georges River Cronulla Seagulls 1Oyster Bay Mini 3a8:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W06D6Lilli Pilli 1Cronulla Seagulls 2Lilli Pilli9:40 AM
5-Sep-2020W07A6Como Jannali Cronulla Seagulls Jannali Mini 19:40 AM
5-Sep-2020W07B6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 1Woolooware 19:40 AM
5-Sep-2020W07C6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 1Woolooware 18:50 AM
5-Sep-2020W07D6Cronulla Seagulls 1Bosco Woolooware 18:50 AM
5-Sep-2020W07D6Cronulla Seagulls 2Marton Woolooware 18:50 AM
5-Sep-2020W08A6Cronulla Seagulls Georges River Woolooware 28:50 AM
5-Sep-2020W08B6Lilli Pilli 2Cronulla Seagulls Jenola Oval8:50 AM
5-Sep-2020W08C6Cronulla Seagulls 1Engadine Eagles Woolooware 28:50 AM
5-Sep-2020W08C6Marton Cronulla Seagulls 2Kingswood Road 210:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W09A6Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 39:40 AM
5-Sep-2020W09B6Loftus Yarrawarrah Cronulla Seagulls Loftus Mini 211:20 AM
5-Sep-2020W09C6Cronulla Seagulls Caringbah Redbacks Woolooware 210:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W10B6Cronulla Seagulls Cronulla RSL Woolooware 21:20 PM
5-Sep-2020W10C6Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles Woolooware 21:20 PM
5-Sep-2020W10D6Cronulla Seagulls Bundeena Maianbar Woolooware 212:20 PM
5-Sep-2020W11A6Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay Mini 21:00 PM
5-Sep-2020W11C6Cronulla Seagulls 1Bundeena Maianbar Woolooware 22:20 PM
5-Sep-2020W11C6Cronulla Seagulls 3Bosco Woolooware 22:20 PM
5-Sep-2020W11C6Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls 2Gymea Bay 23:10 PM
5-Sep-2020W12A6Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 25 Sports Caringbah9:00 AM
5-Sep-2020W12B6Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles Woolooware 111:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W12C6Cronulla Seagulls Loftus Yarrawarrah Woolooware 110:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W13C6Cronulla Seagulls Miranda Magpies Tonkin Oval9:30 AM
5-Sep-2020W14C6Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United 1Tonkin Oval10:40 AM
5-Sep-2020W14X6St. Patricks Cronulla Seagulls Forest Road12:40 PM
5-Sep-2020W15X6Cronulla Seagulls Georges River 5 Sports Caringbah11:20 AM
5-Sep-2020W16A6Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls Box Road 12:50 PM
5-Sep-2020W16B6Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla Seagulls 25 Sports Caringbah2:00 PM

(data directly supplied by the SSFA)