Draw - Round 12

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Colour Key:

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     Fixture has been ammended within the last 10 days.
     Fixture has NOT changed within the last 10 days.

Sutherland Association Fixtures
Date Grade Rnd Home Team Away Team Venue Time
26-Sep-202006A12Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 4Woolooware 18:00 AM
26-Sep-202006B12Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls Box Road 18:00 AM
26-Sep-202006C12Como Jannali Cronulla Seagulls Jannali Mini 18:50 AM
26-Sep-202006D12Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 18:00 AM
26-Sep-202006G12Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 1Woolooware 18:00 AM
26-Sep-202006H12Georges River 1Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay Mini 3b8:00 AM
26-Sep-202007B12Grays Point Cronulla Seagulls Grays Point Mini 110:10 AM
26-Sep-202007C12Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli Woolooware 18:50 AM
26-Sep-202007E12Gymea United 2Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 19:40 AM
26-Sep-202007G12Cronulla Seagulls Como Jannali Woolooware 18:50 AM
26-Sep-202007H12Cronulla Seagulls Heathcote Waratah Woolooware 18:50 AM
26-Sep-202007I12Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles Woolooware 18:50 AM
26-Sep-202008A12Cronulla Seagulls Kirrawee Woolooware 28:00 AM
26-Sep-202008C12Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls Box Road 28:00 AM
26-Sep-202008D12Cronulla Seagulls 1Barden Ridgebacks Woolooware 28:00 AM
26-Sep-202008D12Cronulla RSL Cronulla Seagulls 2Solander 412:10 PM
26-Sep-202008F12Grays Point Cronulla Seagulls Grays Point Mini 29:00 AM
26-Sep-202008H12Menai Hawks Cronulla Seagulls Casuarina Mini 1a8:00 AM
26-Sep-202009A12Cronulla Seagulls Miranda Magpies Woolooware 210:30 AM
26-Sep-202009C12Cronulla Seagulls 2Sylvania Heights 2Woolooware 29:40 AM
26-Sep-202009C12Cronulla Seagulls 1Georges River Woolooware 210:30 AM
26-Sep-202009C12Miranda Magpies Cronulla Seagulls 3Seymour Shaw 4a12:40 PM
26-Sep-202009D12Cronulla Seagulls 1Menai Hawks Woolooware 29:40 AM
26-Sep-202009D12Miranda Magpies Cronulla Seagulls 2Seymour Shaw 4a11:50 AM
26-Sep-202009F12Cronulla Seagulls Heathcote Waratah Woolooware 29:40 AM
26-Sep-202009H12Cronulla Seagulls 2Engadine Crusaders Woolooware 28:50 AM
26-Sep-202009H12Lilli Pilli Cronulla Seagulls 1Jenola Oval8:50 AM
26-Sep-202010A12Cronulla Seagulls Bangor Woolooware 212:20 PM
26-Sep-202010B12Miranda Magpies Cronulla Seagulls Seymour Shaw 4b11:30 AM
26-Sep-202010C12Bosco Cronulla Seagulls 2Woronora Heights 211:20 AM
26-Sep-202010C12Cronulla Seagulls 1Kirrawee Woolooware 211:20 AM
26-Sep-202010E12Cronulla Seagulls Grays Point Woolooware 211:20 AM
26-Sep-202011A12Cronulla Seagulls Cronulla RSL Woolooware 22:20 PM
26-Sep-202011B12Grays Point Cronulla Seagulls Grays Point 210:30 AM
26-Sep-202011C12Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 210:00 AM
26-Sep-202011D12Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United Woolooware 21:20 PM
26-Sep-202012A12Cronulla Seagulls Barden Ridgebacks 5 Sports Caringbah8:00 AM
26-Sep-202012C12Cronulla Seagulls 2Sylvania Heights Solander 39:30 AM
26-Sep-202012C12Como Jannali Cronulla Seagulls 1Jannali 210:00 AM
26-Sep-202012E12Heathcote Waratah Cronulla Seagulls Heathcote 411:30 AM
26-Sep-202013A12Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls 2Box Road 19:40 AM
26-Sep-202013A12Marton Cronulla Seagulls 1Kingswood Road 110:00 AM
26-Sep-202013C12Cronulla Seagulls Georges River Solander 29:00 AM
26-Sep-202013E12Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay 19:00 AM
26-Sep-202014A12Lilli Pilli Cronulla Seagulls Wwh School 112:10 PM
26-Sep-202014C12Grays Point Cronulla Seagulls Grays Point 111:00 AM
26-Sep-202014D12Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United 5 Sports Caringbah11:00 AM
26-Sep-202015A12Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls Kareela 210:10 AM
26-Sep-202015B12Barden Ridgebacks Cronulla Seagulls The Ridge 510:10 AM
26-Sep-202015C12Bosco Cronulla Seagulls 2Woronora Heights 110:10 AM
26-Sep-202015C12Cronulla Seagulls 1Georges River Woolooware 110:30 AM
26-Sep-202015C12Cronulla Seagulls 3St. Patricks 5 Sports Caringbah12:10 PM
26-Sep-202016A12Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 310:00 AM
26-Sep-202016B12Cronulla Seagulls Bosco 5 Sports Caringbah2:50 PM
26-Sep-202016D12Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles Solander 31:50 PM
26-Sep-202018B12Bonnet Bay Cronulla Seagulls Lakewood City 11:50 PM
26-Sep-202018C12Como Jannali Cronulla Seagulls Jannali 12:50 PM
26-Sep-202018D12Cronulla Seagulls Caringbah Redbacks Woolooware 11:10 PM
26-Sep-202021C12Cronulla Seagulls Kirrawee 1Woolooware 12:50 PM
26-Sep-202021D12Lilli Pilli Cronulla Seagulls 2Greenhills 112:40 PM
26-Sep-202021D12Kirrawee Cronulla Seagulls 1Kareela 41:10 PM
26-Sep-202021E12Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay 22:30 PM
26-Sep-202021X12Engadine Eagles Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 32:20 PM
20-Sep-202035E12Bosco Cronulla Seagulls Woronora Heights 111:40 AM
20-Sep-2020AL0112Lilli Pilli 2Cronulla Seagulls 2Greenhills 12:40 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0112Cronulla Seagulls 1Lilli Pilli 15 Sports Caringbah3:00 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0212Cronulla Seagulls 1Como Jannali 25 Sports Caringbah1:20 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0212Kirrawee Cronulla Seagulls 2Kareela 31:20 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0312Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay 11:20 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0612Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles 15 Sports Caringbah11:40 AM
20-Sep-2020AL0712Bosco Cronulla Seagulls 1Boys Town 111:40 AM
20-Sep-2020AL0712Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls 2Gymea Bay 13:00 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0812Menai Hawks Cronulla Seagulls 2Buckle Reserve 211:20 AM
20-Sep-2020AL0812Cronulla Seagulls 1Bonnet Bay Woolooware 111:40 AM
20-Sep-2020AL0812Gymea United 2Cronulla Seagulls 3Gymea Bay 11:20 PM
20-Sep-2020AL0912Bosco Cronulla Seagulls Woronora Heights 13:00 PM
26-Sep-2020W06B12Cronulla Seagulls 3Marton Woolooware 18:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W06B12Cronulla Seagulls 2Lilli Pilli 2Woolooware 18:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W06B12Cronulla Seagulls 1Georges River 2Woolooware 18:50 AM
26-Sep-2020W06C12Lilli Pilli 1Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli8:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W06D12Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla Seagulls 2Woolooware 18:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W07A12Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 1Woolooware 19:40 AM
26-Sep-2020W07B12Cronulla Seagulls Sylvania Heights Woolooware 19:40 AM
26-Sep-2020W07C12Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United 3Woolooware 19:40 AM
26-Sep-2020W07D12Bangor Cronulla Seagulls 2Billa Road 19:20 AM
26-Sep-2020W07D12Cronulla Seagulls 1Cronulla RSL Woolooware 19:40 AM
26-Sep-2020W08A12Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles Woolooware 28:50 AM
26-Sep-2020W08B12Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay Mini 18:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W08C12Cronulla Seagulls 2Sylvania Heights Woolooware 28:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W08C12Cronulla Seagulls 1Loftus Yarrawarrah Woolooware 28:50 AM
26-Sep-2020W09A12Georges River Cronulla Seagulls Oyster Bay Mini 18:50 AM
26-Sep-2020W09B12Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli 1Woolooware 210:30 AM
26-Sep-2020W09C12St. Patricks Cronulla Seagulls Forest Road Mini 28:50 AM
26-Sep-2020W10B12Cronulla Seagulls BYE
26-Sep-2020W10C12Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli Woolooware 21:20 PM
26-Sep-2020W10D12Cronulla Seagulls Loftus Yarrawarrah Woolooware 212:20 PM
26-Sep-2020W11A12Miranda Magpies Cronulla Seagulls Seymour Shaw 4b2:30 PM
26-Sep-2020W11C12Grays Point Cronulla Seagulls 3Grays Point 29:30 AM
26-Sep-2020W11C12Miranda Magpies Cronulla Seagulls 2Seymour Shaw 4b1:30 PM
26-Sep-2020W11C12Cronulla Seagulls 1Marton Woolooware 22:20 PM
26-Sep-2020W12A12Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United 5 Sports Caringbah9:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W12B12Cronulla Seagulls Kirrawee 5 Sports Caringbah10:00 AM
26-Sep-2020W12C12Cronulla Seagulls Menai Hawks Solander 310:30 AM
26-Sep-2020W13C12Cronulla Seagulls Bundeena Maianbar Solander 311:30 AM
26-Sep-2020W14C12Cronulla Seagulls Bonnet Bay Solander 312:40 PM
26-Sep-2020W14X12Marton 2Cronulla Seagulls Kingswood Road 112:20 PM
26-Sep-2020W15X12Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles 15 Sports Caringbah1:30 PM
26-Sep-2020W16A12Gymea United Cronulla Seagulls Kareela 22:10 PM
26-Sep-2020W16B12Cronulla Seagulls 1Gymea United Woolooware 111:50 AM
26-Sep-2020W16B12St. Patricks Cronulla Seagulls 2Forest Road3:00 PM
20-Sep-2020W18B12Cronulla Seagulls Engadine Eagles 5 Sports Caringbah8:20 AM
20-Sep-2020W21A12Lilli Pilli Cronulla Seagulls Lilli Pilli11:20 AM
20-Sep-2020W21B12Cronulla Seagulls 2Como Jannali Woolooware 18:20 AM
20-Sep-2020W21B12Gwawley Bay Cronulla Seagulls 1Canberra Road 18:20 AM
20-Sep-2020WSD12Loftus Yarrawarrah 1Cronulla Seagulls Loftus 11:00 PM
20-Sep-2020WSH12Cronulla Seagulls Miranda Magpies Woolooware 110:00 AM
20-Sep-2020WSX12Cronulla Seagulls Gymea United 25 Sports Caringbah10:00 AM

(data directly supplied by the SSFA)