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Last Updated: 21/03/2018 8:14 AM


Council have CLOSED all of their Turf Grounds for ALL activities including training and other events due to Wet Weather.
  Grounds Closed

Date Posted: 18 Mar 2018

Coaches and Managers:

The Training Allocation Selection page is now live.

Please remember that only Registered Coaches/Managers can pick a slot relevant to their age group.

Please also note that we now have Tonkin as our 3rd home ground and there are training allocations there as well.

DO NOT SEND REQUESTS VIA EMAILS. They will be ignored.

If you need a special time outside of the Agegroup allotment, you can send an email to the Secretary. However, these will only be recorded and once all teams have chosen a spot, we will then look at those special requests to see if the time/place you requested is available.

Each day, the Training Allocation Diagram will be updated. This is a colour coded chart of the field that shows you where your team is to train. Failure to follow this diagram will result in your team losing that training spot.

Training Slot Selection Page can be found HERE

Training Slot Field Diagram for Woolooware can be found HERE (Updated 19th March, 10pm)

Training Slot Field Diagram for Tonkin can be found HERE (Updated 19th March, 10pm)


1) You cannot train anywhere other than Woolooware, 5Sports or Tonkin. Failure to adhere to these grounds will incur fines from the council ($300 per individual) and sanctions from the Association.

2) Training can start this week provided no one other than Soccer are using the fields (If Council are working on the fields, then that field is CLOSED)


Date Posted: 05 Mar 2018

Coaches and Managers MUST be registered via the myfootball website or you will not be allowed to coach or manage training or games.

There are several reasons for doing so but the main reason is that it is a requirement of Football Australia, Football NSW and the Shire Association. At Club level, it helps us more efficiently sort out the Coaches and Managers for our teams and it provides all correct contact information for our Coaches and Managers that we would use to contact you during the year (for example, washed out rounds, upcoming Gala Days, etc).

Registration Notes:

  1. Please register as soon as possible.
  2. Fill out the registration even if you are just interested in being a Coach/Manager. By registering, we wont hold you to that position if you decide not to do it.
  3. You will need an FFA number to register. You can get your FFA number through the same website when registering. You don't have to be a player to have an FFA number.
  4. When you register, you will be asked a few questions. One question relates to the team you want to Coach/Manage. To respond to this question, if you are not sure of the team, just enter a player's fullname. This is how we will track your request before and after the teams are graded.
  5. All age groups Coach/Managers must register (U6-SENIORS), even if you were a coach/manager in 2017 and are continuing in 2018.
  6. If you are continuing to Coach/Manage and you don't register, and someone else does register for the same team, the person that registered will be allocated the position.
  7. If you are the Coach AND Manager of the team, please register for both.
  8. Verbal Coach/Manager requests will not be accepted but will be noted. You will be instructed to register through MyFootball website.
  9. Hand written Coach/Manager requests will not be accepted but will be noted. Again, you will be instructed to register through MyFootball website.
  10. All Coaches and Managers (those coaching or managing U6-U16 teams) must have a WWC check (Working With Children) by the 6th April. You will need to provide your WWC number to the Secretary. If we do not receive your number by the 6th April (or the APP transaction number to say it is under way), you will not be allowed to coach and/or manage. THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT BY FNSW, FFA and THE GOVERNMENT.

There are two documents to follow to register to be a Coach and/or Manager.

For Coaches, please follow THIS DOCUMENT to register.
For Managers, please follow THIS DOCUMENT to register.

The application for WWC must be completed online at "Application for a NSW Working With Children Check" website.

Please don't hesitate to contact the club through the Coach/Manager Enquiry Form if you have any further questions or issues when registering on the MyFootball website.


Date Posted: 04 Mar 2018

The 2017 Cronulla Seagulls Yearbook has been published and is now viewable and downloadable.

The online version can be viewed by clicking this link.

You can also download your own copy by clicking this link.



Date Posted: 04 Feb 2018

If you are eligible for the government Active Kids scheme, and you paid your registration before registering for your Active Kids voucher, please forward the following information to the Seagulls Treasurer:

First Name, Last Name, FFA Number, Active Kids Voucher Number

Alternatively, you can forward the Voucher Receipt you received when you registered.

This information should be emailed to the Seagulls Treasurer

** Please note: The voucher can only be claimed once per child **


Date Posted: 11 Jan 2018

W11, W12, W16 girls. Contact Jonathan on 0421 774 412.

W21 women. Contact Jonathan on 0421 774 412.

21A players needed. Contact Michael Harrington on 0411 709 070.

Senior Womens - all grades. Contact Jim on 0432 940 202 or Jonathan on 0421 774 412



Date Posted: 02 Jan 2018

2018 Season registrations have commenced. All registrations MUST be completed online at the Registration Portal,  MYFOOTBALLCLUB.

All existing Players will receive an email before this date containing your FFA Number and instructions on how to register for the 2018 season. If you do not receive an email, then your details are wrong in myfootballclub. Please email the registrar to request your FFA Number

New players to the club must also register online by going to MYFOOTBALLCLUB, click PLAYER then follow the prompts for a new player. You will also need to come to the clubhouse on the days listed below to show your birth certificate/drivers licence and either a Council Rates notice or a recent original document from a Government Department or Financial Institution for proof of residency. Utility Bills are not acceptable.

NOTE: NSW GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE FOR 2018 - All registered players should have received an email from the government regarding a $100 rebate for all players from 5-18 years old who will be attending school in 2018. For all information regarding this rebate, please visit the government website, ACTIVE KIDS, for full details. As we are opening registrations early than the 1st February, there will be the option for you to select a $100 deferred payment discount at the time of your ONLINE REGISTRATION via an “Add-On Item” button (at the invoice screen). You should select this option if you plan to claim your $100 Voucher with your Club then provide them with the Voucher Code when it has been obtained from Service NSW.

Photos are required for the following age groups: 

  • ALL U10 Boys & Girls and W10 Girls.
  • ALL U14 Boys & W14 Girls.
  • ALL U18 Boys & W18 Girls.
  • ALL NEW players U10 and older.
  • ALL Returning Players in other age groups, U21 and older, whose photo is more than 3 years old. 

The Club will be open for Registration, sighting of papers of new players, uniforms and merchandise purchases and player photos on the following Dates/Times:



Grading will start on Sun, Feb 11th. You must be registered and paid to be graded.

For Membership Fees and Soccer Gear prices, please click HERE.

For all Registration enquiries please email our Registrar, Sue at this address.

For all Registration Costs and Payment enquiries, please email our Treasurer, Liz, at this address.

For all General enquiries, please email our Secretary, Robert, at this address


Date Posted: 08 Feb 2018

The SSFA have released the Competition Dates for the season.

Document is available HERE for downloading.


Date Posted: 04 Jan 2018

Cronulla Seagulls will be revamping the Clubhouse.

We have gone through the processes with Council and have had our DA fully approved.

We are revamoing the Clubhouse as follows:

1) Where the existing Canteen, Men's change room and Women's toilets are, this area will be completely demolished and a new structure added. This structure will include equal sized Men's and Women's change rooms, Ref/First Aid room and some storage.
2) The BBQ will be expanded to include the Canteen and an Al fresco outdoor dining area.
3) Awnings to extend from the current structure to the expanded BBQ/Canteen area.
4) Fencing and more seating around the oval.

Of course, this will be a community effort to build the new facilities and later during the year, we will be calling on any person that can offer support in building these new facilities such as trades, products, man/woman power, etc.

For pictures and the approved plan for the new facilities, you can download this document.

The below image is the actual representation of the entrance to the new facilities, corner of Woolooware Road South and Caronia avenue.


Date Posted: 04 Jan 2018

2018 marks a very special year for Cronulla Seagulls. This is our Diamond Anniversary, 60 years of providing Grassroots football to the community.

To celebrate this achievment, we will be doing special activities through out the year. We are working on several ideas at the moment, but one very special activity that we will be doing at the end of the season is rebuilding the Clubhouse.

We are revamping the Clubhouse, pulling down part of it to make equal sized Mens and Womens changerooms, and turning the BBQ into the canteen with Alfresco dining. We will have another news item shortly outlining the look of the new Clubhouse and the plans. 

We ask if you have any ideas to help celebrate our 60th year, that you email the 60th Sub-Committee



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