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Date Posted: 08 Feb 2020

We have room for players in the following age groups:

U06 Boys - all grades
U07 Boys - all grades
U08 Boys - 4 (mid-grade)
U09 Boys - 4 (mid-grade)
U10 Boys - 4 (mid-grade)
U11 Boys - 3 (mid-grade)
U12 Boys - 5 (mid-grade)
U14 Boys - 4 (mid-grade)
U16 Boys - 4 (mid-grade)

W06 Girls - 2
W10 Girls - 4 (mid-grade)
W12 Girls - 1 (mid-grade)
W16 Girls - 3 (mid-grade)

Senior Womens - 5 to 7 - (E-grade)

Goal Keepers:
U18 Boys - 1
U21 Boys - 1

AL Men Keeper - 1

For all other Registration enquiries, please contact Sue, our registrar at 


Date Posted: 01 Dec 2019

BEFORE YOU REGISTER: If you are unfamiliar with the registration process, please make sure you have viewed a copy of our Step By Step Registration Guide and that all steps are followed when registering.

Please follow this Direct Link to the CRONULLA SEAGULLS REGISTRATION PORTAL



EXISTING PLAYERS (any player that has played with any club in the Sutherland Shire):
All existing Players MUST register through the PLAYFOOTBALL Registration Portal as outlined in the document above.

NEW PLAYERS (never played before or played outside the Sutherland Shire):
1) MUST register through the PLAYFOOTBALL Registration Portal as outlined in the document above.
2) Will need to come to the clubhouse on the days listed below to show your birth certificate/drivers licence/Passport and either a Council Rates notice or a recent original document from a Government Department or Financial Institution for proof of residency. Utility and Phone Bills are not acceptable.

Starting from this season, the SSFA have re-introduced the W13 and W15 age groups. When registering, these options will be selectable based on the players age.

All registered players 5-18 years old who will be attending school in 2020 are eligible for a $100 Kids Rebate Voucher from the government . For all information regarding this rebate, please visit the government website, ACTIVE KIDS, for full details. During your online registration, you will need the Active Kids Voucher number to claim the rebate. The Rebate cannot be claimed after your registration is processed. 

THIS REBATE IS FOR ANY CLUB YOU JOIN. Some clubs are informing people that you can only get the rebate if you join a particular club. This is not the case.

The Club will be open for Registration, sighting of papers of new players, uniforms and merchandise purchases and player photos on the following Dates/Times:

Wednesday, 22nd January, 6pm to 8pm
Saturday, 25th January, 1pm-4pm
Wednesday, 29th January, 6pm to 8pm
Saturday, 1st February, 1pm-4pm


Grading will start on Sun, Feb 2nd. You must be registered and paid to be graded. We will post a special News item for Grading with the agegroups and times Grading takes place for U6 to U18s


For Membership Fees and Soccer Gear prices, please click HERE.

For all Registration enquiries please email our Registrar, Sue at HERE.

For all Registration Costs and Payment enquiries, please email our Treasurer, Liz, at HERE.

For all General enquiries, please email our Secretary, Robert, at HERE


Date Posted: 06 Jan 2020

Coaches and Managers MUST be registered via the playfootball website or you will not be allowed to coach or manage training or games.

There are several reasons for doing so but the main reason is that it is a requirement of Football Australia, Football NSW and the Shire Association. At Club level, it helps us more efficiently sort out the Coaches and Managers for our teams and it provides all correct contact information for our Coaches and Managers that we would use to contact you during the year (for example, washed out rounds, upcoming Gala Days, etc).

Registration Notes:

  1. Please register as soon as possible.
  2. Fill out the registration even if you are just interested in being a Coach/Manager. By registering, we wont hold you to that position if you decide not to do it.
  3. You will need a valid playfootball account to register. You can use your family acocunt if you have already registered your children.
  4. When you register, you will be asked a few questions. One question relates to the team you want to Coach/Manage. To respond to this question, if you are not sure of the team, just enter a player's fullname. This is how we will track your request before and after the teams are graded.
  5. All age groups Coach/Managers must register (U6-SENIORS), even if you were a coach/manager in 2019 and are continuing in 2020.
  6. If you are continuing to Coach/Manage and you don't register, and someone else does register for the same team, the person that registered will be allocated the position.
  7. If you are the Coach AND Manager of the team, please register for both.
  8. Verbal Coach/Manager requests will not be accepted but will be noted. You will be instructed to register through MyFootball website.
  9. Hand written Coach/Manager requests will not be accepted but will be noted. Again, you will be instructed to register through MyFootball website.
  10. All Coaches and Managers (those coaching or managing U6-U16 teams) must have a WWC check (Working With Children) by the 23rd March. You will need to provide your WWC number to the Secretary. If we do not receive your number by the 23rd March (or the APP transaction number to say it is under way), you will not be allowed to coach and/or manage. THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT BY FNSW, FFA and THE GOVERNMENT.

The application for WWC must be completed online at "Application for a NSW Working With Children Check" website.

Register for Coach and/or manager using theis LINK.

Please don't hesitate to contact the club through the Coach/Manager Enquiry Form if you have any further questions or issues when registering on the MyFootball website.


Date Posted: 02 Jan 2020

Would you like to become a Miniroo Ref for 2020?

A rewarding challange awaits you in becoming a MiniRoo Ref. Not only do you start to learn how to Ref, you get paid for it too.

If your age is between 13 and 16 (your 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th birthday is this year) and if you are interested in becoming a MiniRoo Ref, you will need to register ONLINE.

To Register, log in to your account that you registered with on playfootball, select to register, and select Miniroo Referee for the Registration Package.

At the start of March, we will email you an Information Pack containing a Powerpoint presentation of the basics of the rules and when the Exam times will be scheduled. The Exam is based on the Powerpoint presentation.

For general enquiries regarding becoming a MiniRoo Ref, you can also email the Club Secretary.


  1. You must be a REGISTERED PLAYER for Cronulla Seagulls. If you are not a registered player, then you cannot be a Miniroo Ref
  2. There are only 35 spots available. Once these are filled, we cant take anymore.

Date Posted: 19 Oct 2019

The 2020 Competition Dates have been released.

The document is downloadable from HERE.



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